Monday, 16 May 2011

Lilith (Nudity Warning)

For some time now I have wanted to shoot some fine art nude shots. Some people may find these images offensive, why, I don't know as the human body is one of the most fascinating things there is and should be celebrated more. I saw Lilith on a website which is aimed at connecting photographers, models, make up artists and stylists together. I saw Lilith's profile and new that I wanted to do a shoot with her. I like the work of Helmut Newton who was attracted to powerful woman, he liked to shoot woman who were confident, assured and naturally sexual. Lilith is all of these things and more.

View the set here on flickr © Anthony Dorman

View the set here on flickr © Anthony Dorman

View the set here on flickr © Anthony Dorman

I met Lilith whist assisting a friend of mine Chris Harrison who had organised a shoot with her. Now Chris is far more accustomed to taking images of beautiful naked women then me so I found my shoot quite challenging. I had a million images in my head before the shoot but as usual I found myself just going with the flow and shooting what felt right. We actually shot a variety of images as Lilith has a variety of persona's via her wigs and clothes changes. These images where probably closest to the images I had in mind before the shoot. I would like to thank Lilith for putting up with the cold and also thank my friend Simon for being my lighting man.

Check out this video about Helmut Newton recently posted on f-stoppers

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