Friday, 28 October 2011

Nick Clegg

One of my clients Chirton Engineering contacted me to ask if I could pop in today and take some images of a very important visitor today. When I asked who it was they said they could not tell me for security reasons and that they were not sure themselves. I turned up this morning and was told by Chirton and the security team present that it was as I suspected the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg who was visiting. The image below is a candid shot that I took before the corporate images that I produced for the company.

I have been struggling recently to find a balance between my day job and my commercial photography. Whilst I have been so busy that I have lost 2 stone in weight in the last 3 months I have failed to create imagery that makes me happy and reminds me why i picked up a camera in the first place. This is on reason for the lack of blog posts recently. I do however have some really interesting shoots lined up which should get me back on track