Thursday, 31 March 2011


The face I wake up to most mornings (even before I see my girlfriend) is Rowleys face. Every morning she wakes me up by licking my face and chewing the end of my nose.

View this image on my flickr page by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

Rowley joined the Dorman/Montgomery/Snugglemunch household nearly three years ago and has since that time followed my every move around the house. She is the most affectionate little cat I have ever known and is funny, mad and smarter than "Snugs" our bruiser of a tom cat. Rowley is named after our friend Jeff Rowland who is a successful artist and who is quite poorly at the moment. Jeff used to feed a little stray cat in his old studio, one day he contacted the RCPCA because he was concerned for the cats welfare. They came and said they could take the cat but that she was pregnant and they would abort the kittens! Jeff being an all round top bloke took the cat home and a few weeks later Rowley and her brother and sister were born. In the three years that Rowley has been with us she has made me very very happy.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Lucy was one of my 1000 faces 1 Day faces. Not only did she take part but she was kind enough to help get some extra people to participate. To thank her for her help I asked if she would like some portraits taken. Here are a couple of the images.

view this image on flickr by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

view this image on flickr by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Alexander Millar "Working Man"

This weekend sees the launch of Alexander Millar's exhibition "Working Man" at The Great North Museum.  Alex brings the culture and history of the working man to life. His gadgies have shaped the North East, from the coal mines and shipyards to the language and humour of everyday life.

View the image on flickr by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

I have known Alex for a long time now and I am really pleased that this prestigious exhibition is gaining massive public and media interest. I would like to personally thank Alex for asking me to photograph him for the exhibition brochure and website. The candid image above was the last shot taken on a day shooting with Alex. As soon as I took this final shot I knew it was the best image of the day. This image is the inside cover image used on the official museum collection brochure.

For information regarding Alex's show follow this link. Alexander Millar: Working Man

Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Movie Star in the Making

I did a shoot with a young guy named Danny last week. We started by shooting in colour around various locations around Newcastle. It became increasingly apparent to me that Danny had a timeless kind of movie star look. For all the camera geeks I shot in RAW but changed my shooting mode to mono. As soon as I began shooting in mono everything started to work.

View this image on flickr by clicking on this link © Anthony Dorman

I know that Danny is hoping to get some media work, behind the camera but I feel he should be also considering being in front of the camera. The images we took that day really reminded me of a mix of old style Hollywood mixed with French cinema and English "kitchen sink drama" of the sixties. Danny also proved to be a really nice guy with great conversation and he turned up with his sister to be part of my 1000 Faces 1 Day project for Red Nose Day 2011 

Monday, 21 March 2011

1000 Faces in 1 Day (Success!!!!!!!!!)

On Friday the 18th of March I embarked on a mad mission to take 1000 street portraits in 1 day to raise money for Red Nose Day 2011. My day began at 7.15AM at Grey's Monument in the heart of Newcastle. I was hoping to get a broad cross section of society reflecting the unique personality of the city. Here is a small selection of my favourites.

 Because.........You were beautiful and full of energy and you insisted your colleagues take part.

Because..........You looked as hard as nails but were really friendly and liked that I was interested in your ink

 Because...........You are innocent and have the whole world ahead of you

 Because........You asked if it was OK to do this?

 Because...........You are proud and yet humble and you wanted to help.

 Because........... You are purple.......Well, just because.

 Because........You are in the Futureheads and you Rock.

Because......... You wear it well.

 Because........You are a little tough nut who is not afraid to act daft for charity.

 Because........You are the next Tony Hawk.

 Because.......You are the kindness of good people everywhere and great fun follows you.

 Because.........You are not afraid to be part of something.

 Because.........You are the life and soul of the party.

Because.........You are the music of the city and always there to entertain the locals.

All of 1000 photos in the collection are un-edited and straight out of the camera. Probably 90% of the images were a first take. Although all the people involved were asked to pose and told why - no guidance or direction was given.

The day turned out to be massively rewarding. There was a time fairly recently when I began to turn my back on people after witnessing so many bad parts of the human condition. This day of 1000 faces showed me just how interesting, diverse and inherently good most people actually are. I was lucky to meet some great people who helped and encouraged me when I was tired. Thanks to the strangers who bought me coffee or brought friends to come and pose for me. The thing that got to me the most was the two homeless guys who posed for me and gave me all the change in their pockets - God bless them.

Special thanks to Amelia Read who is not only a very talented young photographer but also a brilliant person and I am glad to have become her friend, For the most part of the day she wrangled strangers for me, gave out information, collected money and kept my spirits high.

Check out the full set of 1000 faces by clicking on this link 1000 faces 1 Day

My target was £500 and with over £375 raised on line and the £150 in cash and still counting I am happy with the result . Thanks to everyone who donated, took part or spread the word about what I was doing.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

I Took 1000 Street Portraits Today for Charity

Hi - I took 1000 street portraits for charity today in my hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne. I will be posting a link to the gallery featuring all 1000 images by Monday 21st at the latest.

Thanks to everyone who took part, donated and hepled spread the word.

See the whole Gallery by Monday

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Camera Crazy (Red Nose Day 2011) 1000 Faces 1 Day

I saw this old camera at a stall at Tynemouth Station Market and had to have it. I would have no idea how to use it properly but I loved how it looks and it now adorns a shelf in my living room.

view this image on flickr by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

Since picking up a camera my whole world has changed. I see things, people and places completely differently now. What started as a way to document a trip overseas has now become what may be the defining thing in my life. I know that sounds crazy but I think I have succumbed to some form of photography related madness. I never leave the house without my camera and I find myself absorbed with particular flickr accounts and sometimes feel that I am reading someones personal diary. I find my self having conversations with other crazy people about f-stops and Bokeh, the use and misuse of borders and other trivial yet seemingly important topics.

I am living proof that picking up a camera can bring out the lunacy in people. I decided a few weeks ago that I would do something for Red Nose Day (Comic Relief) 2011. I have done things in the past like a 90mile bike ride but decided (the madness kicked in) to do something based on my 100 Strangers Project so here it is:

I am Going to attempt to take 1000 Portraits in 1 Day in my home town of Newcastle upon Tyne, England!!!

You can see my official giving page page here where you can donate anonymously or with your name showing. I will be collecting on the day but every little bit helps. The logistics of what I have to do is simply crazy and I am having another sleepless night writing this because of what I am about to do. If you are in Newcastle on Friday 18th of March I will be at Greys Monument all day - come and find me (I will be obvious - red nose/ 2 or 3 cameras looking stressed) and have your photo taken, If you cant make it but want to help then tell a friend, family member or co-worker to come along. I will be there until I get my 1000 people.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I was out last night shooting a young guy named Kez (featured) I am a massive fan of rich colour in photographs and I do like night time shooting and anything which gives a cinematic feel to an image.

view this image here on my flickr page © Anthony Dorman

view this image here on my flickr page © Anthony Dorman

I have been to both locations featured here recently for shoots as I am drawn to the possibilities of the Bokeh in the bottom image and the tones in the top image.

If you would like to feature in one of my outdoor portrait shoots and like my style please contact me through my website

Monday, 14 March 2011

The Fisherman

Every year the fishermen docked at North Shields Fish Quay donate their days catch to charity. I was asked to take some press images of the donation. At the end of the shoot I asked Martin (pictured here) if I could take his portrait.

view this image on flickr by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

I first met Martin when after a series of coincidences I ended up doing a shoot on a North Sea trawler. There was something very cinematic about the lighting at the Quay. I realised recently that most of my portraits are framed in a landscape format. I think that this comes from my love of cinema, I feel that my Grandad and my Mum's love of film has become deeply ingrained in my psyche. I can remember when I was a little boy asking my Mum "When did the world become colour?" A few days passed before my Mum realised that I had been watching a number of old black and white films. Not all of my photographs are colour but I really do love rich strong cinematic tones.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Bring The Noise

Every now and then you just have to throw out the rules and go with the flow. I took this photos in Alvino's bar in Newcastle, its part of the wall decoration on the stairs. It was quite dark and I had to crank the ISO settings up. Most photographers hate noise and grain on photos and do everything possible to cover it up. I actually quite like it. so here is my digitally noisy photo, unashamedly bad yet hopefully awfully good ha ha. And yes it does say "cock tunes" !!!!

view bring the noise here on flickr © Anthony Dorman

Thanks to Amelia from Alvino's for being such a lovely host and a talented young photographer with a bright future ahead of her.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Grime and Glamour with Chris Harrison

A couple of nights ago I went out to do a shoot with my friend the photgrapher Chris Harrison. We met last year through a set of random coincidences including a visit to a gallery and a visit to a blog. We both love and arguably live for photography. Although we shoot entirely different imagery and are probably polar opposites in many ways I believe we understand each other and what motivates us to do what we do.

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Although we shot in a few different locations which I will post at a later date I chose this recent location due to it's intense light and colour. I used this location last week for the first time for my 100 Strangers Project and really liked the results.

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Chris Harrison's website is
(if you are offended by beautiful ladies without clothes, especially alternative ladies with tattoos then his site might not be for you. If you like the work of Bob Coulter or The Suicide Girls then follow the link above and enjoy.)

view this image on my flickr page by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

When I told Chris that I was going to blog about him he was surprised because he was worried about having my work and his asscociated together. I understood and appreciated his concern but I will never worry about what people think of me and my work or my friends and theirs. This is why I really like Chris, he is a character and has character and he has opened my eyes to photographers, books and blogs that are helping me learn my trade.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bunk Up

I made an impromptu visit to the Ouseburn yesterday. Its an area situated on the outskirts of Newcastle and is not only packed with history but also things to do. The area has some great bars, veneues, boutique businesses and general places of interest.

view "Bunk Up" (my title) here on flickr © Anthony Dorman

This work of art by Barton Hargreaves is featured on the outside of the Northern Print building. It was my first visit to Northern Print and it certainly won't be my last. I was welcomed upon entering and then given a guided tour of the gallery, studio spaces and then chatted with the lovely people inside.

I spent the rest of my time wondering around different nearby locations and met and photographed some interesting people, places and things. I will be posting those images this week.

Monday, 7 March 2011

07-03-11 My new website is now live

07-03-11 Today I launch my crazy Red Nose Day 2011 (1000 Faces 1 Day Project)

I will be attempting to take 1000 portrait photographs of the people in Newcastle on Friday 18TH of March. I estimate that this will take between 10 and 16 hours of almost constant shooting!!!!!!!!!! I am aiming to raise as much money for charity as possible. If you would like to take part or help with this project please get in touch at or

Here is the address to my Red Nose Day giving page where you can donate to the charity;

Here is the flickr page where all the images will be available when the project is complete;

Many thanks,

Classic Beauty

I spend so much time taking portrait photos of a wide variety of people that I get to read a multitiude of expressions and emotions. I often stop strangers and ask them to let me take their photo and I am often asked why I have stopped them in particular. I don't think the majority of the people I ask are classicaly beautiful however I do find them all to have either expressive faces or interesting faces. I have stopped some imposing characters with very striking features who light up as soon as you put them in front of the camera. In an age where beauty is defined in absolutes I would rather look for character and warmth which to me is far more interesting.

view this image on my flickr page by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Alexander Millar "Working Man"

On the 26th of March the Hancock Museum (Great North Museum) is hosting a major exhibition of the work of Alexander Millar. Born in Scotland but a resident of Tyneside, Alexander's work embodies the working man of industrial towns everywhere. Alexander's paintings depict the not just the heavy industry that has shaped many regions but also the humour and charm of the old "Gadgie" going to the match or staggering back from the pub. I have been fortunate to have known Alex for nearly 10 years and in that time I have seen many strangers view his work and be swelled with emotion. To me the Gadgie is my Grandad and to others he will be their father or husband or friend.

 view this image on flickr here  © Anthony Dorman

© Anthony Dorman

Alexander Millar : Working Man
The Hancock Museum 26th March until the 8th of May

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Good Times Lie Ahead

Today I reached the halfway point of my 100 Strangers Project. I was passing through the underpass at Swan House Roundabout today which has some very atmospheric light. Thanks to my 50th 100 Stranger for agreeing to having his portrait taken.

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

In the Shop Window

I have been spending all of my time recently editing and re-sizing images for my new website which should be live this week. Not only have I been doing this but I have also been networking some local business's for a photography related marketing project I am working on. It seems that to get anywhere these days you need to shout aloud to the world as everyone is vying for attention. With this in mind I remembered that I had a few shop window images on my hard drive.

 view this image on flickr by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

 view this image on flickr by clicking here  © Anthony Dorman

view this image on flickr by clicking here  © Anthony Dorman