Thursday, 31 March 2011


The face I wake up to most mornings (even before I see my girlfriend) is Rowleys face. Every morning she wakes me up by licking my face and chewing the end of my nose.

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Rowley joined the Dorman/Montgomery/Snugglemunch household nearly three years ago and has since that time followed my every move around the house. She is the most affectionate little cat I have ever known and is funny, mad and smarter than "Snugs" our bruiser of a tom cat. Rowley is named after our friend Jeff Rowland who is a successful artist and who is quite poorly at the moment. Jeff used to feed a little stray cat in his old studio, one day he contacted the RCPCA because he was concerned for the cats welfare. They came and said they could take the cat but that she was pregnant and they would abort the kittens! Jeff being an all round top bloke took the cat home and a few weeks later Rowley and her brother and sister were born. In the three years that Rowley has been with us she has made me very very happy.

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