Sunday, 6 March 2011

Alexander Millar "Working Man"

On the 26th of March the Hancock Museum (Great North Museum) is hosting a major exhibition of the work of Alexander Millar. Born in Scotland but a resident of Tyneside, Alexander's work embodies the working man of industrial towns everywhere. Alexander's paintings depict the not just the heavy industry that has shaped many regions but also the humour and charm of the old "Gadgie" going to the match or staggering back from the pub. I have been fortunate to have known Alex for nearly 10 years and in that time I have seen many strangers view his work and be swelled with emotion. To me the Gadgie is my Grandad and to others he will be their father or husband or friend.

 view this image on flickr here  © Anthony Dorman

© Anthony Dorman

Alexander Millar : Working Man
The Hancock Museum 26th March until the 8th of May


  1. Great Photo!! Love the army of gadgies advancing towards us... Excellant :-)

  2. Thanks Acorn Gallery. I have more photos to publish featuring Alex later this month to coincide with his exhibition launch.