Thursday, 17 March 2011

Camera Crazy (Red Nose Day 2011) 1000 Faces 1 Day

I saw this old camera at a stall at Tynemouth Station Market and had to have it. I would have no idea how to use it properly but I loved how it looks and it now adorns a shelf in my living room.

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Since picking up a camera my whole world has changed. I see things, people and places completely differently now. What started as a way to document a trip overseas has now become what may be the defining thing in my life. I know that sounds crazy but I think I have succumbed to some form of photography related madness. I never leave the house without my camera and I find myself absorbed with particular flickr accounts and sometimes feel that I am reading someones personal diary. I find my self having conversations with other crazy people about f-stops and Bokeh, the use and misuse of borders and other trivial yet seemingly important topics.

I am living proof that picking up a camera can bring out the lunacy in people. I decided a few weeks ago that I would do something for Red Nose Day (Comic Relief) 2011. I have done things in the past like a 90mile bike ride but decided (the madness kicked in) to do something based on my 100 Strangers Project so here it is:

I am Going to attempt to take 1000 Portraits in 1 Day in my home town of Newcastle upon Tyne, England!!!

You can see my official giving page page here where you can donate anonymously or with your name showing. I will be collecting on the day but every little bit helps. The logistics of what I have to do is simply crazy and I am having another sleepless night writing this because of what I am about to do. If you are in Newcastle on Friday 18th of March I will be at Greys Monument all day - come and find me (I will be obvious - red nose/ 2 or 3 cameras looking stressed) and have your photo taken, If you cant make it but want to help then tell a friend, family member or co-worker to come along. I will be there until I get my 1000 people.

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  1. Good luck Anthony on a great idea, for a Great course!! looking forward to seeing the wonderful faces of the North East!

    The boys from A Best Kept Secret!