Friday, 11 March 2011

Grime and Glamour with Chris Harrison

A couple of nights ago I went out to do a shoot with my friend the photgrapher Chris Harrison. We met last year through a set of random coincidences including a visit to a gallery and a visit to a blog. We both love and arguably live for photography. Although we shoot entirely different imagery and are probably polar opposites in many ways I believe we understand each other and what motivates us to do what we do.

view this image on my flickr page by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

Although we shot in a few different locations which I will post at a later date I chose this recent location due to it's intense light and colour. I used this location last week for the first time for my 100 Strangers Project and really liked the results.

view this image on my flickr page by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

Chris Harrison's website is
(if you are offended by beautiful ladies without clothes, especially alternative ladies with tattoos then his site might not be for you. If you like the work of Bob Coulter or The Suicide Girls then follow the link above and enjoy.)

view this image on my flickr page by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

When I told Chris that I was going to blog about him he was surprised because he was worried about having my work and his asscociated together. I understood and appreciated his concern but I will never worry about what people think of me and my work or my friends and theirs. This is why I really like Chris, he is a character and has character and he has opened my eyes to photographers, books and blogs that are helping me learn my trade.

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