Sunday, 13 February 2011

Glasgow People and Places

On a weekend visit to my girlfriends family in Falkirk we took a day trip into Glasgow. For my girlfriend and her mum that meant shopping and then the theater. For me it meant a chance to wonder the streets of one of Britain's greatest cities with my camera. My first port of call was a quick bus ride to Parkhead which is the area surrounding Glasgow Celtic's football stadium. I had once taken a wrong turn into Glasgow and discovered an area so run down that it was quite beautiful. I know that sounds strange but some of the old abandoned buildings had layers of peeling paint and amazing colours and textures.

Glasgow Parkhead

   See the high resolution image on my flickr page  © Anthony Dorman

After quite a few hours wondering around some of the more colourful areas on the outside of the city I decided to head back into the center. On Buchanan Street I saw the lady below with a group of her friends and knew that I wanted her in my 100 Strangers Project. Although they all had a a great look and I photographed all of them my stranger below really stood out. Later she contacted me and said how much she liked the photo which was nice.

"Glasgow Girl" 22/100 "100 Strangers"

view the high resolution image here on my flickr page © Anthony Dorman

Later that night I met four more interesting strangers who I will post on this blog at a later date. My day in Glasgow turned out to be very fruitful.

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