Monday, 7 February 2011


It was one of those days when as a photographer you are just not feeling it, there is nothing grabbing you to say shoot me. I was bored and had been in my house too long so I packed my gear and decided to head further along the coast from where I live. After wondering along the promenade near the links at Whitley Bay I was suddenly aware how far in the tide was, I had not noticed it earlier as not being a landscape photographer I had been on the lookout for interesting people. When I got to the section of the promenade next to the "Rendezvous Cafe" I noticed a lady sitting on the sea wall looking down upon her children playing on what was left of the beach. What happened next took us all by surprise a massive wave came from nowhere and caused the image below. I had to jump back from my vantage point not to be soaked myself. Thank God for high speed shooting!


 © Anthony Dorman

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