Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Beard and the Albatross

I was out walking along Tynemouth Longsands with my girlfriend when I saw Chris (below) and I knew I wanted him for my 100 Strangers Project.

View this image on flickr by following this link © Anthony Dorman

I chatted briefly with Chris and his wife and they told me that people often ask to take his portrait. I'm not surprised with such a fantastic beard. As Chris said "had it before ZZ Top did" I gave Chris my card and continued my stroll. The next day I received an email from Chris to say he liked my website and could I send him the images which I have done. Then came the weird bit, Chris sent me a link to his business which is called the Albatross http://www.albatrossnewcastle.co.uk/ which is a backpackers hostel in the city centre. The weird part is that a friend of mine Chris Fleming provided the hostel with all the stencil artwork you can see on their website. I have recently photographed these stencils in The Albatross for my friend. I would recommend anyone who is traveling to Newcastle who wants a low cost, funky place to stay to try this hostel.

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  1. Ha ha, small world eh, he's a right dude like, cheers chris