Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Food, Neon, Life, Death and Wallpaper

For reasons I am unable to properly articulate I have been mostly thinking about food, neon, life, death and wallpaper today. After looking through some of my older photographs I came across these images which are not very typical of what I shoot but for some reason interest me now.

 View this image on flickr by following this link © Anthony Dorman

View this image on flickr by following this link © Anthony Dorman

The first image was taken with my old Canon 450D when I was in NYC in January 2010. The image was taken in Katz Deli which is famous for many things including the famous orgasm scene in "Where Harry Met Sally". I am dieting at the moment now that age is catching up with me. This image reminded me of a place where people almost worship the food they eat. The second image was taken in my Gran and Grandad's house two days after the death of my Granda. I wanted to take some images of the house where I had spent many happy years and because I was scared I would forget how it looked. The crucifix was important for me to capture as my grandparent's faith had always played a big part in who they were. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about the real basic elements of life from food, faith and mortality. I'm not a deep thinking intellectual person who can articulate in words how I feel. I am a visual person trying to express how I feel. My camera gives me an identity as well as a conduit to express myself more freely even if I am unsure of my message.

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