Friday, 29 April 2011

Signal, what signal?

I have spent the last 6 days in Shropshire with my girlfriend Rachael at her Nan's house. In that time I have barely had a phone signal never mind an Internet signal therefore I have not blogged or uploaded to flickr for a while. Normally I would freak out with the lack of communication but the unusually hot weather and great rural settings have played a big part in my photography over the last few days.

View this image on flickr by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

I'm often told that I only take photographs of people which is not always true, very rarely I manage to shoot a landscape. I'm not passionate about landscape photography as I tend to like human stories and interaction and I have no wish to sit in a freezing field waiting for a cloud to pass at a certain point in time. If I take a landscape shot its because I have seen something I don't see in my everyday life which has drawn my attention. On a family walk up the Burway (Long Mynd) Shropshire I was surprised at how often I was taking landscape shots. I think the sheer scale of the landscape and the rich colours won me over. I did notice later that all of my landscapes had some evidence of man in them from signposts and fences to vapor trails from passenger planes. I guess at heart I am a city boy, don't get me wrong I like the countryside, I just like the seemingly endless stories and rapid change a city can offer. I like being in contact. I will be posting more images from my time in Shropshire over the next few days.

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