Friday, 6 May 2011

Nuts and Bolts

I was asked recently to produce some photos for a local engineering company Chirton Engineering Ltd who are a rapidly expanding and successful local company . They required images for a new website they are having built. the images needed to be a mixture of location and product shots.

These images could not be any further removed from my normal work which is predominantly portraiture and reportage in style. It became apparent that I needed to approach the product shots in a similar way that I would a portrait. I have tried to show the products as dynamic, shiny attractive objects. It is objects like these - the 'nuts and bolts' of society that often get overlooked because of their practical functionality. The company produces highly engineered components for many large high profile clients around the world. I was a bit apprehensive taking this commission as I believed it to be out of my comfort zone. I now realise that this type of work will be the 'nuts and bolts' of my early photographic career. I actually enjoyed the shoot which reminded me that its good to try different styles of shooting and hopefully pick up a few new skills.

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