Sunday, 12 June 2011

Arabian Nights?

For the last two days I have been shooting some behind the scenes images for a music video being shot in the region. I will be posting a larger selection of images soon but I wanted to post one of the more unusual candid shots that I took yesterday. What makes this image unusual to me is that the image was taken in Marsden Bay South Shields and not somewhere in the middle east. It was also cold and rainy - how typically British?

View this image here on flickr © Anthony Dorman

I have always liked shooting in very low light conditions, I find that it can be way more dramatic and intense. People are always really pleased to tell me that the sun is blazing for my outdoor portraits which drives me mad. Intense sunlight can be a nightmare to photograph people in, horrible shadows and washed out colours. Over the next few months I am going to embark on a number of dynamic night portraits.

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