Friday, 18 November 2011


I have had a week off to chill, and my God I have needed it. After a few days of boring daytime TV, lie-ins and half a swimming pool of tea I decided to get my lazy bones into Newcastle. I have been shooting street portraits for over 12 months now for my 100 Strangers Project however lately I have been very slow in adding new people. After a few hours and two great strangers that I will post later I saw this lady.

View the image here on flickr

I knew I had to get her in my project as she simply looked amazing, very alternative but very beautiful and photogenic. I saw her about to cross the road on a busy roundabout in Newcastle city centre and raced after her. I told her about my project and she happily agreed to be part of it - result. This was my first shot, at the time I thought the glaring green and red traffic lights where too harsh and moved her to another nearby location. When I got home and reviewed the images I realised the original lighting was just too good not to use. It turns out that this amazing looking lady is an alternative model called ExVivo. I am now thinking of various photoshoot ideas for ExVivo as I really think I could get some great images with her.

And randomly this music is also banging around my head with regards to this image. But they say music and photography go hand in hand.

Radiohead 'Everything In It's Right Place'

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