Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Self Portrait

I rarely let anyone take my photograph, I never like how look and i always feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. As soon as I know my photo is going to be taken I freeze up and become someone else, I become uncomfortable in my own skin. Since picking up a camera it has become almost a physical part of who I am, it feels right holding a camera. I decided to try and capture this feeling with this image.

I felt it was important to create an image that was raw without being rude but was stripped down to the basic elements of man and machine. I am sure that I will receive some humorous comments from people who know me but I don't mind, this is me and who I am. This is an image of me I can live with.

1 comment:

  1. Great images Anthony. I can see your passion for showing others individual expression. I also am shy about having my own image captured, but can take my own photo happily knowing no one will see the 50 bad ones taken to get the perfect one, which defeats the purpose of spontanious expression really. oh well! lol. I can see your relaxed doing the same in the pic you took of yourself, and not to shy in your pic with your material exterior shedded. And not too shabby looking either lol and brave to publish it! keep up the great inspirational work.
    luv from your new fan in Australia.
    Natasha E. RECK, Graphic Designer and (Macro photographer in my spare time)