Thursday, 24 February 2011

Beautiful Stranger

I was on the lookout for interesting strangers for my 100 Strangers Project a few days ago. Unlike most other times when I do this I was specifically looking for female subjects. I thought my project was getting a little heavy on the male quota of strangers. Poor weather and a lack of interesting characters were causing me great consternation until I saw the lady below. She stood out from the crowd witha beautiful face and great style, infact i think she looks a like the actress Rosario Dawson whom I had been talking about earlier that day. After a little bit of persuasion she agreed to have her portrait taken. This was one of those strange experiances that happen rarely where a complete stranger makes you feel relaxed and happy within a few moments of meeting. I hope that this lady 'my French stranger' will see this post and get in touch as I believe my photo did not do her justice, I would love to photograph her again.

View this image here on flickr by clicking here © Anthony Dorman

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