Sunday, 28 August 2011

Big River Films

A Few months ago I spent two days shooting images whilst local company Big River Films were filming a music video. My role was to shoot some candid and posed images that could be used for the launch and PR behind the video. The second day of filming was on location at Marsden Bay in South Shields and in typical British summer style it rained nearly all day! This did not stop Alastair and Richard of Big River Films shoot a video that has been massively popular and has attracted the attention of the local TV news and press. One of the things that impressed me about Alastair and Richard was how they adapted to the conditions and requirements of the shoot.

It was great to meet two other Northumbria University graduates who were not only great guys but also passionate about what they do. I am pretty sure that even further success and acclaim await them and their company in the not too distant future.

I was commissioned last week to take some naturally lit portraits of the a selection of people with business's in my area. Although I had a certain group of people to capture I phoned the guys who's editing suite is only 5 minutes away from my home and the area in question. I felt that their business was so different and interesting that they would be ideal to change up the mix and maybe spread the word also about what they do. The couple of beers and the chat about all things cameras and movies was a great way to end a busy and stressful day.

Check out the Big River Films website here;

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