Wednesday, 13 July 2011

More 100 Strangers (The Art of Persuassion?)

Due to a mixture of circumstances I have been unable to update my blog and indeed shoot as much as I would like to. When I don't post I feel guilty and when I don't shoot I feel sad. I had a chance last week to get out with my camera with the specific intention to continue my 100 Strangers Project which I started over a year ago. After an initial flurry of shots (a number of them I'm not too happy with) I have really slowed down.

59/100 '100 Strangers' see it here on flickr © Anthony Dorman
The shot above was taken on the Metro which is train/underground system which connects most of the more populated areas of North Tyneside. I had been sitting opposite this guy watching him looking out of the window. The light was illuminating his reflection in the window and I knew I wanted him in my project. With only about 30 seconds to spare before my stop I plucked up the courage to ask him if I could take his portrait. Although slightly bemused by the request he agreed to be in my project. I realised that I had persuaded a complete stranger to not only take part in the project but also take direction all in the space of 10/15 seconds. I showed him the image on my camera to which he said 'let me know if I'm going to be famous' It is bizarre but I have heard this before.

My stranger featured below caused a bit of a spike in my flickr photostream stats, as she featured on Explore. I was on the lookout for strangers when I saw her sitting with a friend near Monument. She really stood out form the crowd with her fantastic vibrant colours and fantastic smile. It took me a while to pluck up the courage to ask her which is weird considering I took 1000 street portraits in 1 day back in March.

60/100 '100 Strangers' see it here on flickr © Anthony Dorman

I asked her if I could take her photograph, which she agreed to and I cheekily walked her and her friend into a more shaded area as the light was very severe that day. Like my metro stranger I was amazed who accommodating people can be once they have agreed to have their portrait taken. I was once told there is a famous quote about how being a photographer is the only profession where you are universally obeyed! I'm not too sure about that, I think there is some truth in it but I also think I managed to find two nice people. I am amazed that I get very few rejections for my 100 strangers project. I find the project helps me see good in people, I have been of late becoming very jaded and cynical about the general public. Having spent the last few years selling my soul doing something I hated as a job I have wanted to distance myself form the general public. Perhaps I have somehow manage to sell myself as someone without an agenda. I'm not selling anything, there is no money required just 2 minutes of your time - sometimes only a few seconds. I always try and capture the best or at least something interesting about the people I choose to photograph. I won't include someone I really don't like, perhaps I am subconsciously choosing people I think I would like.

I posted my 60/100 on my flickr pages and was contacted by my mate and photographer Chris Harrison whom I have posted about earlier in this blog. He had taken this lady's portrait in Northside Tattooz as she is a customer of Low who I have also featured on this blog. Talk about small world!!!!! Here is Chris Harrison's portrait for his Elvis Baby series:

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  1. I finished the project in November of 2008. I couldn't stop shooting portraits of strangers so at the moment I am closing in on 500 portrait. I still get a bit exited when I spot someone I would like to photograph. You never know what you will learn about them.